Mid Term Break

My one week of mid term break seems to ended up in the trash, total waste.

I practically do nothing.

Well, I watched 2 anime series, Ouran High School Host Club and XXXHolic. Ouran High School Host Club is funny like hell while XXXHolic tends to give your some minor goosebumps, especially when you are watching it at 3.00am. The current project is Baccano!

That’s right, I did not sleep early as well during my holidays. For the 1st time, I’m able to stand until 4.00am in the morning and not feeling any tiredness or whatsoever. Maybe that’s considered as some sort of achievement. But my classmates have to bear with my extremely obvious panda eyes.

You ask me why I am stuck at home watching anime all day and night?

I was getting some major ffk (fong fei kei [Cantonese] : To describe a person made a promise to be at certain place at certain time but suddenly unable to make it regardless of any reasons that are given.) streak. At the end of the day, it’s best for me to stay at home and watch anime.

I sent my camera to fix at the Sony Service Center near Mid Valley during the holidays, at last some time for me to send it in for resurrection purposes. It had been dead for quite sometime already. I’m starting to miss the camera.

Heard that Ham (my classmate with some “awesome” name) had finally cut his hair and as much as he wanted to hide it, his photo appeared at Hui Wen’s blog. I don’t want to point out who is him just to be nice to him since his hair is actually, erm… Not so nice. Or maybe I should say, weird. Or, not suitable. =) [Note: Personal Opinion]

Met Ivan A.K.A AhBun the previous Sunday, apparently he is studying at Taylors (School of Hospitality and Tourism) at Mentari. I found out that Subang Jaya KTM station and Setia Jaya KTM station is actually like from Carrefour to Mentari Park. Wasted my one ringgit just to go there. Went up to Ivan’s room he rented at the Mentari Court nearby and the condition was OMGness. Ventilation. Failed. The room is so stuffy and so hot. Barely able to breath properly. Must run out to 7-11. Good luck AhBun. XD

YA MAN! Going back to college next Tuesday. At least I will look more like a human when the normal school like resumes.

P/S: I want to dye my hair.


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