Today Chen Liang told me he got a JPA scholarship and is going to chase his dream all the way to Germany.

I suddenly felt so empty. It is like the feeling you are about to lose something and basically you are just left there emotionless.

Most of my friends are leaving. Leaving me and continue their life on their own. Leaving me and go far far away.

Of course it wasn’t only Chen Liang that give such a huge impact on me. Stephanie, Adrian and lots of them are leaving for America next year.

And most likely they are not coming back ever again.

I sighed.

I mean what can I do right? Eventually friends have to leave, and it doesn’t mean you cannot contact them via internet. But, when they are busy with their lifestyle, meeting new friends, proceed with their life, the effect is obvious on me.

I have to go on with my life too.

I wouldn’t mind meeting new friends but I will miss my old friends, a lot. Realizing the truth or understanding the reality doesn’t help in my social life. At point like this, the only choice I have is to ignore.

The fact is the fact. No point ranting anymore.

All the kawans out there, remember to remember me oh.


One thought on “Empty

  1. DX I understand what you're thinking.But yeah, hafta move on anyway. Time and tide waits for no man, baby.Look on the bright side, not all of them are leaving, u have some with you, some is better than none, eh?

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