First Event

I had been missing for the past 7 days.

Well, I am busy with a pretty scary schedule. I’d completed two of my mid term and one of my presentation this week. The most hectic and interesting highlight of this week is our very first event in the Diploma in Event Management. The Teacher’s Day Luncheon with the help of the Hospitality students as well as the Performance and Media students.

The event was attended by 155 teachers, counselors, PK Hems and principals. “Bright and Beautiful” is the theme for the event. So we had the whole multi purpose hall decorated with red, yellow and orange color.

When I talk about decoration, I have to say that I was quite satisfied. Although I wouldn’t have the “WOW” feeling but I at least I got the “Not Bad” expression on the face.

I didn’t expect the PVC pipe actually worked as a balloon arch. I tried to bend it three times and I broke it two times. Sometimes this kind of things, better pass it to the professionals. Seeing Anastasiah and Elaine doing the arch for the whole night. The next morning the balloons all shrank since it was filled with helium. They have to redo it again. But I’m glad it worked, it was rather beautiful too.

We worked on the hall decoration until 12am yesterday and continued this morning until 10.30am. All of the decorations were in good condition except the title for the teachers signature board was a bit not in place. Apparently the double sided tape hate us. Had to run to the campus bookstore to get more since we are running out of them.

We are suppose to have our teacher signature board in a partition like the photo but then the lecturer asked us: Do you think it is enough for 155 teachers to sign? And so, we did modification after that.

When our lecturer said she want to make a new ceiling, our eyes are wide open. But today, it is there. Nice and beautiful. The whole concept is to have cloths and balloons alternate stretching across the railing on the second floor. It was spectacular, I think.

Pn Zaharah came to the event with two other teachers. Our lecturer apparently knows her, in fact quite well.

Photos and Videos will be added to this post next week.
Coming Soon. Stay Tuned. Be Right Back.

Meanwhile, you can read Hui Wen’s post on this event.


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