Assignments are scary.

The 1st assignment in my college life let me ended up 4am still awake trying to rush every single undone bits of the research report. It wasn’t anything hard and complicated. Just that we are not exposed to this kind of pressure and apparently we took it bloody lightly.

I woke up at 10am realizing I am almost late for my 10.30am Principle of MICE class on the due day. Luckily I made it in time with my wrong cover on my assignment and the wrong font through out the whole assignment.


I guess I am considered lucky to get my 5 hours sleep while my other fellow classmates’ sleeping hours ranging from 3 hours right down to none at all. For example, Miss Anastasiah who look like a walking corpse the whole day, the cranky walking dead body to be exact. Another classmate of mine, Ham will sleep at anywhere if possible. Desperate for sleep, it is the 1st time I see this kind of situation.

I was surprisingly high today. I don’t know why. I got that kind of reverse effect on myself when I do not get enough sleep.

Also the cranky part.


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