Mid Term for Study Skills

I woke up late today.

I suppose to have Mice and Accommodation Product class at 8.30am but then when I woke up it was already 9.15am.

I was lucky not to miss the Mid Term Study Skills test at 10.35am.

The study skills test is short. Everyone of us finish it within 15 minutes while it was suppose to be a 1 hour test. I was concentrating to answer as quickly as I can since we can leave the hall after 30 minutes and suddenly I realized I finished the paper and the clock was not even 10.50am yet.

So, I had to wait until 11.05am to leave the hall.

Bored, then I took out my handphone and snapped the picture of the test paper, forgetting to off the camera shutter sound. *Chi Chiak* The lecturer stared at me for a while and said to the class:” Okay, you can put your test paper on the desk here and leave the hall quietly.”

I was overjoyed.

Apparently it was so easy, the test I mean. If the final exam on this Saturday is the same as the mid term test, I’m definitely going to pass without doing anymore further revising. XD



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