Sunway Pyramid Freeze

Well, there was the Sunway Pyramid Freeze in conjunction with the World Earth’s Day.

Stephanie told me about this actually, and we both agreed to go join the fun, just for fun. Apparently this freezing thing is from America with a group called Improveverywhere. Go to YouTube and I am sure you can find plenty of their marvelous works.

Before this there was the KL Freeze of Unison which was held at Pavilion. In the following week, Sunway Pyramid Freeze is here.

We are told to wear green. So, I got in ALL GREEN. T-shirt, pants, bag and bottle. Too bad I don’t have green shoes to match. They also want our time to be synchronized to the second, just to be accurate.

I was there early from 4pm and met up with Stephanie at 5.30pm. We tried up Wendy’s for the first time. The Medium sized portion almost made us both die of stomach explosion. America people really eat a lot. They have something called Chile which normally you find on top of the hot dogs, surprisingly tasty.

When it is about 8pm, almost the freezing time, suddenly there’s a guy gave us the green paper. Stating that we should freeze around LG2, the corridor near ToyCity, Aussino and Watson for 4 minutes.

Of course we make it in time, with a small group of people, we all froze in time for 4 minutes. I was drinking water and Stephanie was removing out her cap. People around started to take videos and pictures for this bizarre event.

I placed my handphone in my pocket with the alarm goes off at 8.04pm and my hand pressed against my pocket just to feel the vibration for the unfreeze session.

When it is time, Stephanie and I quickly walked away and gave each other a quiet high five. When we moving up to the escalator, we see another bigger group freezing at the Orange Atrium. As well as the center in front of the main entrance. What the hell is going on?

I certainly have no idea.

Half disappointed, Stephanie and I left Sunway Pyramid at exactly 8.47pm.

Finally found this video, but then the girl that is videotaping actually featured my ass. I don’t really feel comfortable with that.


2 thoughts on “Sunway Pyramid Freeze

  1. I was the time keeper for last year too. LOL.I didn't expect myself to remember, but I do.The moment I got my mum's car it says 8.47pm. LOL.

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