Sometimes I question myself a lot.

Especially these years round. Questions ranging from the far outside society, until deep inside myself. Apparently, as days and days went by, the logic and mentality I have in me sort of go distorted.

Maybe I got old. Maybe I’m just thinking too much. I didn’t deny that I had been always like that just that nobody ever know that unless I’m willing to or just too emo to a certain extent to tell them, but recently it just got worse. Maybe it’s the whole life phase changing thing that cause these problems.

I’m an optimistic person, well, most of the time. I’m a friendly and cheerful person, well, most of the occasions. The thing is I cannot be alone, when I started to be alone, I start to think. Some say artistic people are like that, I thought so too.

Studying in college brings this matter to the next level. I actually questioned myself:”Who am I? Why am I doing here?” and stuff like that. I feel like I don’t even know myself, barely even feel myself. Just getting on with the life, doing stuff that I usually do.

Behind the usual smile and laughter hiding a hollow soul.

I mean I don’t really got a problem. Just that I don’t know why I’m quite sensitive nowadays. It’s like trying to change yourself to suit the reality. Following the norm of the society without even given a choice.

I’m thinking too much again.



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