Ice Skating

To be honest, I’m feeling a bit of rejection in me when my friend said:”Let’s go skating on Tuesday after class.” The second I hear the word skating, my face is filled with disgust.

Well, I had bad experience with ice skating.

A few years back when I am skating with my ex-classmates, I sort of fell and my pants is torn. From the middle down. I am pretty sure that 50% of the people skating in the ice rink saw the color of my underwear that afternoon.

So, I dislike ice skating. It just felt like something bad is going to happen to me if I skate. Blisters and torn pants is more than enough for me to keep me out of the skating rink for a decade.

Believe me or not, not even a quarter of decade, I found myself standing in the ice rink with my current course/classmates. I was forced to go I would say. Since I am the only one that is having super phobia towards ice skating and obviously majority wins, I paid the RM11(Student Price) almost unwillingly and went to skate.

The curse of the ice rink apparently is still there. Before I even enter the ice rink, I accidentally scratched by the entrance gate at my wrist and it started to bleed.

My friend thought my fear was so unbearable and I chose to end my life instead of facing it.

I never said ice skating is not fun. I mean I also enjoyed it, with a more solid jeans. I think I kind of get a hang on it. Despite the blisters on the legs and the suicide mark on my wrist, we all had fun in the ice skating rink.

My face no longer have a severe cramp when my friend said:”Let’s go ice skating again on Tuesday.”

P/S: Note to myself, wear solid pants. Eg. Jeans.


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