I was accepted for the SUC Entrance Scholarship worth RM1500.

It didn’t sound a lot, but obviously it is better than nothing. When it compared with the other college, it is very little. Around 200% lesser than normal scholarships.

Considering my result is moderately good.

Despite that, I cannot complain anything about it. Since I’m not like Chen Liang who is so hardworking and applied for 12 different scholarship, coming back for a week holiday from National Service just for interviews.

I consider myself lucky cause while we were waiting for class in the student center, I suddenly realized that the scholarship name list was on the notice board. Scanning the list 5th time only I found my name because I’m the only one in Event Management course that applied for this scholarship.

“Oh, it’s here.”I was extremely relieved.

We have to attend the Scholarship Presentation Ceremony on 10th of May. I sort of ask my parents whether they want to go there or not. “Don’t want la. If it’s RM15000 then I go.” My mum said. I give triple dots for that particular reply.

Guess I have to go myself.


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