SMKSU Sports Day

I don’t know why am I there at the 1st place.

I woke up at 6.15am and got ready since I am car pooling with Esther. The rain shows no sign of stopping. The sun bloody came out during noon, while I’m wearing a hoodie. Someone claimed that I looked like a spy. Stephanie cut her hair. Hang Tuah marched like Nazi Army with an arm in front palms down. Formation can be seen. I got bored and went to eat at Taipan with Tong they all. Went home after that. P/S: Scouts got 5th in the marching competition.

I ended up pointless there.


2 thoughts on “SMKSU Sports Day

  1. I didn't expect them to come out with such "innovative" idea for this. I was pratically laughing my ass off when I see them doing it.

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