Well, in the end I ended up with diploma in event management and currently studying at Sunway University College. I never knew Event Management is called as 活动管理 in mandarin until I read the newspaper one day. It’s better than what I used to call 节目策划.

Well, since there are so much people bugging my dad saying SUC is a college which is congested with rich brats, I always get free lectures in the car even before my day in the college actually started. Nothing is going to prove to him that I will try not follow the lifestyle of the rich and the famous(of course I wish I could).

The courses in the Event Management are very interesting, but that doesn’t mean it is going to be easy to ace it. 事实刚好相反(The truth is totally opposite). Only 3 seniors passed the mid-semester exam for one of the paper, out of 20+ of them. I fear the subjects even more.

Nothing is easy in this world despite Adidas said:”Nothing is impossible.”

I am sure people at other courses feel the same too.

The another thing in college life that almost put me in the state of epilepsy is actually the price of the textbooks. RM150 for a 600 pages thick hardcover book. Assuming I need 2 books per semester and I have 7 semesters complete, RM150 X 2 X 7 = RM2100. You know what? I rather save the money for laptop later.

But then, the original books are COLOURFUL. It is far more interesting than the black and white photostated copy of it. Hard decision, hard choice. *Smack palm to the forehead*

The most anticipated part is the student ID. It means, student price movie ticket, student discount for ticket and free entrance for pubs during college night on Wednesday. You have no idea how happy am I when I receive my very own Student ID.

I’m finally a college student!!

Not really fun though. As you have to rush class to class and assignments after assignments.

Oh well, it is the next phase in life.


2 thoughts on “College

  1. syuc is not full of rich brats ~__~ anyway, if you want the general idea 😛 most guys in sunway are rich and most girls in taylors are the rich one. rich as in from a rich family

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